Art Culture and Craft

    All kinds of art, including drawing and dance, require and cultivate a child’s patience and concentration, making them essential to his or her cognitive growth. Art and craft must be an intrinsic element of a school’s ethos, such that several subjects and ideas are taught via artistic expression. In KVS, children learn various skills such as Pottery making, woodcraft, sewing, and crafting. As part of PMSHRI initiative, students visited nearby placed to know the art and culture of that area

    To enhance cultural exposure, initiatives like ‘Spic Macay’ and ‘Routes 2 Roots’  Training Sessions have been organized. These activities aim to familiarize students with classical Indian Art, Music, and Dance forms so that they can appreciate and respect the rich cultural heritage.

    Slogan writing, Painting on various occasion, beatification of classroom/labs and playground boundary walls by wall painting and thought writing is emphasized in Varanasi Region.

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