Developing Science Temperament

    Developing Scientific Temper

    In present scenario scientific temper is an important tool for success in the workplace and in life. It allows to apply learning in a practical manner and to make informed decisions. It also helps to be more open-minded and tolerant of others. Not only this but Scientific temper aims to drive away superstition, religious bigotry, and pseudo-science. It can help develop secularism, humanism, and a spirit of enquiry and reform.

    Actually scientific temper is a way of life that involves using scientific methods like questioning, testing, hypothesizing, analyzing, and communicating. It is about applying rational inquiry and questioning in everyday life.

    To develop scientific temper in students the teachers of our region encourage curiosity about everything, develop critical thinking skills & also support children in conducting experiments and exploring the world around them by giving them problems to ponder on it and come with some new methodology to solve the problems.Scientific temper of our students help them to be open-minded, rational, objective, persistent, having ability to accept criticism & to revise their beliefs as per new evidences.

    Developing Science Temperament