Gender Sensitization

    Gender is influenced by social, cultural and historical factors. Gender equality is essential for peaceful and prosperous  society and school’s have tremendous responsibilities in changing attitudes and beliefs of young people.

    KVS is taking an initiative towards gender sensitization and it has potential to be the training ground for young minds to learn about gender equality.

    • Under Adolescent’s Education Programme, KVS organizes various activities like workshop, seminar, roleplay, guidance and counselling session. Provides equal opportunities to all students irrespective of their gender to identify their strengths and areas of growth.
    • Awaken Citizen Programme creating culture of respect and empathy among students.
    • Similar sports and extra-curricular events organised for different gender helps in promoting uniform participation and set examples for respect,empathy and inclusivity.
    • Celebration of lnternational women’s day on 8th March helps in developing attitude of equalityand evolve students into responsible, caring and compassionate member of society.