The school magazine not only inspires the interests and psychos of the students of the school, but also helps the hidden writer inside them to come out. Through what students express their opinion and society, their creativity is also revealed. Students publish their creativity through story, poetry, article and essay. Along with this, the activities in the school also get information about school activities by publishing local newspapers/ magazines, which is an essential part of social environment.

    Kendriya Vidyalaya’s under Varanasi Region have several type of publications. These publications are prepared by the contribution of all the teachers, students and other staff members of Kendriya Vidyalaya. Some of the E-Magazines (Vidyalaya Patrika), News Letters and writings are as follows-

    Sl No. Name of KV Link of Publication
    1 KV No.1 AFS Gorakhpur Click(268KB)
    2 K V Rihandnagar Varanasi Click(4,62MB)
    3 KV AFS Manauri Prayagraj Click(8.37MB)
    4 K V Naini, Prayagraj Click(3.46MB)
    5 K V Gajipur Click(1.11MB)
    6 K V CHOPAN Click(1.31MB)
    7 K V 39 GTC VARANASI CANTT Click(7.41MB)