Student Empowerment Programme

    Students’ empowerment is to encourage students to collaborate and make most of their learning experience rather than just providing information.KVS organizes various activities and events to empower students and help them become self-directed learners who can succeed in ever changing world.

    • Under NCSC and RSBVP events we create opportunities for choice and autonomy through project based learning by giving students freedom to choose their own projects. Students develop skills that are relevant and meaningful to their lives.
    • Programs under ‘Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat’(EBSB) students develop communication skills, team work and problem solving.
    • Activities like Guidance andcounselling, field visit, workshops and seminar on 21st century learning and information skills under ‘PM SHRI’ helps in creating a supportive and inclusive environment. It provides students new ideas, expanding their thinking and encouraging them to consider multiple view points
    • Various programs for girls like AEP, training for self-defense, hands on skill training under ‘PM SHRI’,providing opportunity to girls for skill-development that are essential for success in 21st
    • Extra-curricular activities organized in school enabling students to identify their strength and areas forgrowth.
    • Students’ participation in games and sports at Regional, National and SGFI level help them to set their goals,meet challenges and continuously improve upon.
    • Activities under Bharat scout and guide provide opportunity to students to show case their abilities, talents and accomplishment.

    Student Empowerment Program

    Skill Training